Quickly identify problems

Even when equipment systems are commissioned for optimum performance, important issues can be missed.

Ongoing data analysis

SkySpark constantly monitors data and evaluates rules to detect patterns of sub-optimal performance.

Reduces commissioning time

SkySpark saves time performing functional tests by verifying installation and data quality, and reducing issue correction time.

Post-construction reassurance

SkySpark supports ongoing commissioning anytime and beyond, so fewer issues go unnoticed because every piece of equipment is tested and monitored.

Avoid pitfalls & maximize functionality

We've implemented numerous custom dashboards tailored to each building or campus, and navigate common issues so we know how to get the most out of SkySpark Analytics.

Integrate building automation systems

Our experience includes working with NiagaraAX, B&R, EasyIO, and more. We’re also active in the Haystack community and apply tagging standards for complex systems.

Optimize building energy use

Our experience of over 8 years of commissioning, and recommissioning, auditing electrical systems with a focus on data-oriented continuous system improvement,  for many facilities ensures,  you get the best in class service.

  • Specification Review
  • Establishing connections with Building Automation System(s)
  • Mapping of points from Building Automation System(s) to SkySpark.Connect
  • Application of tags
  • Custom rules and dashboards
  • Automatic reporting and/or email alerts

SkySpark® can be applied to virtually all types of data across a variety of industries.

Intelligent Buildings

A truly intelligent building measures understands and responds to its own behavior. Achieving this level of intelligence requires more than just the latest, efficient HVAC and lighting systems. The building needs the ability to automatically analyze all of the data produced by its equipment systems, the resources it consumes, and the external environmental conditions it is subject to. Control systems on their own simply aren’t designed to accomplish this.

SkySpark collects, manages, and automatically performs analytics on the data from building automation systems, metering systems, lighting, weather, and other smart devices to identify issues, patterns, deviations, faults and opportunities for operational improvements and cost reduction.

SkySpark informs operators of issues via a complete suite of Apps that automatically visualize operational data and highlight patterns, correlations, and KPI’s. With SkySpark.Connect, once your data is connected you are ready to go.

For applications that do require customized reports, we do have the ability to create customised data presentations.

SkySpark helps building owners and operators “find what matters” in the vast amount of data produced by today’s smart systems across facilities of all types.

Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities have their own special requirements based on their unique use and production output, but in the end, their equipment systems produce huge volumes of time series data making SkySpark an ideal solution for analyzing and optimizing processes and the environmental systems that support those processes. SkySpark’s database accepts high-frequency sensor data with millisecond precision.

Perhaps most important for industrial applications is that is that we can leverage your domain knowledge to implement rules, KPI’s, and algorithms that fit your highly specific needs. By combining full user-programmability with a comprehensive library of analytic functions, we will provide you with the tools you need to address applications of all types across virtually any type of device and equipment data.


Profitable operations of indoor cultivation facilities require efficiency at every step. From the use of energy for lighting and control of environmental conditions to the delivery, of nutrients, water and use of labor. The common thread to all of these is data. Whether it be live data from sensors and control systems or batch data recorded in work management tools or financial systems, it’s essential to be able to collect, manage, visualize, analyze and report your operational data.

We provide the tools you need to optimize your cultivation processes and profit by providing you with the ability to:

Collect Data from Your Systems via a variety of built-in data acquisition connectors including Bacnet IP, Modbus TCP, Obix, Haystack, SNMP, Sedona, OPC UA, MQTT, SQL, CSV import (manual batch or automated), and a REST API.

Automatically Calculate the Key Performance Indicators you need to be able to track results against KPI’s relevant to your business. We can help implement virtually any KPI that’s relevant to your business.

Examples include:

  • Nutrients consumed per yield (lb. or kg)

  • Water consumed per yield (lb. or kg)

  • Revenue per yield (lb. or kg)

  • Yield (lb. or kg) per kWh of energy consumed

  • Man-hours per yield (lb. or kg)

  • Watts per sq. ft. or square meter

Energy Analysis and Reporting

SkySpark.Connect provides a complete suite of tools for energy analysis and reporting applications and is often used as a stand-alone Energy Analysis application. Its supports applications involving the full range of energy resources including electricity, alternative energy generation such as solar and storage, natural gas, oil, and water – basically any resource that is metered.


Healthcare facilities have unique needs including stringent regulatory requirements and mission-critical systems that are literally responsible for life and death. Performance of those systems matters – not only for efficient use of energy resources and cost control – but also to insure occupant safety and comfort and manage risk. Again, the common theme is sensor and equipment data – lots of it. Hospital staffs need to be able to quickly and efficiently work with data from diverse systems produced by different suppliers and quickly find issues, patterns, deviations and faults in represented in that data.

SkySpark has been deployed across millions of square feet of healthcare facilities with great results.

Multi-Site Retail and Quick Serve Restaurants

Multi-site retail portfolios have unique needs related to their equipment systems and the responsibilities of the teams that manage them. First, there is the sheer number of sites and equipment systems, and data samples generated. Think of a portfolio with 1000 sites, each with 10 HVAC units, each with 25 data points (sensors and control points), with each point-producing 1 data sample every minute. That’s 360 million data samples per day! In the course of a year that’s 131 Billion data samples. Talk about BIG DATA. SkySpark unique database, historian, and analytics technology handles projects of that size with ease. But an effective solution for multi-site retail operators requires more than the ability to collect, manage, analyze that data. An effective analytics solution needs to provide the tools to help organize data and results for the various constituents involved in managing facilities.

Operations teams need to see equipment and performance data and have analytic results clearly organized by region, site, type of facility, and other attributes.

And portfolio managers need to look at performance from a higher level with presentations that show answers to questions such as what types of issues am I having in my facilities? Where do they occur? How long do they last? How often do they occur? AND What are they costing me?

With SkySpark, we make sure that you get built-in Apps that provide the visualizations and reports needed to serve the needs of the different teams involved in facility and energy management across widely dispersed portfolios.

And today, SkySpark is deployed across thousands of sites for many of the most well-known names in multi-site retail and quick-serve restaurants.

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