Quickly identify problems

Even when equipment systems are commissioned for optimum performance, important issues can be missed.

Ongoing data analysis

SkySpark constantly monitors data and evaluates rules to detect patterns of sub-optimal performance.

Reduces commissioning time

SkySpark saves time performing functional tests by verifying installation and data quality, and reducing issue correction time.

Post-construction reassurance

SkySpark supports ongoing commissioning anytime and beyond, so fewer issues go unnoticed because every piece of equipment is tested and monitored.

Avoid pitfalls & maximize functionality

We've implemented numerous custom dashboards tailored to each building or campus, and navigate common issues so we know how to get the most out of SkySpark Analytics.

Integrate building automation systems

Our experience includes working with NiagaraAX, B&R, EasyIO, and more. We’re also active in the Haystack community and apply tagging standards for complex systems.

Optimize building energy use

Our experience of over 8 years of commissioning, and recommissioning, auditing electrical systems with a focus on data-oriented continuous system improvement,  for many facilities ensures,  you get the best in class service.

  • Specification Review
  • Establishing connections with Building Automation System(s)
  • Mapping of points from Building Automation System(s) to SkySpark.Connect
  • Application of tags
  • Custom rules and dashboards
  • Automatic reporting and/or email alerts

SkySpark® can be applied to virtually all types of data across a variety of industries.

Intelligent Buildings

A truly intelligent building is one that measures understands, and reacts to its own behavior. But achieving this level of intelligence requires more than just efficient HVAC and lighting systems. Your building must have the capacity to automatically analyze all the data produced by its equipment, the resources it consumes, and the external environmental conditions to which it is subjected. Control systems alone are simply not designed to accomplish this.

SkySpark is a cloud-based analytics platform that can help you achieve true building intelligence. SkySpark automatically collects, manages, and analyzes data from your building's automation systems, metering systems, lighting, weather, and other smart devices. This allows you to identify issues, patterns, deviations, defects, and opportunities for operational improvement and cost reduction.

SkySpark also provides a suite of apps that allow you to visualize your data in an intuitive and visually compelling manner. This makes it easy to identify key patterns, correlations, and KPIs. And with SkySpark.Connect, you can get started quickly and easily by simply connecting your data.

If you're looking to take your building to the next level of intelligence, SkySpark is the solution for you. With SkySpark, you can "discover what matters" from the vast amount of data produced by your building's intelligent systems. And you can do it all without having to invest in expensive IT infrastructure or licenses.

Contact us today to learn more about how SkySpark can help you achieve true building intelligence.

For applications that do require customized reports, we do have the ability to create customized data presentations.

SkySpark helps building owners and operators “find what matters” in the vast amount of data produced by today’s smart systems across facilities of all types.

Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities have unique requirements based on their use and production output, leading to significant amounts of time series data from equipment systems. SkySpark.Connect is an ideal solution for analyzing and optimizing processes and environmental systems in these facilities. The database can handle high-frequency sensor data with millisecond precision.

For industrial applications, leveraging your domain knowledge is crucial. We can implement rules, key performance indicators (KPIs), and algorithms tailored to your specific needs. Our expertise, coupled with an extensive library of analytic functions already made, provides you with the necessary tools to address diverse applications across various devices and equipment data. With SkySpark.Connect, you'll have the capability to optimize your operations and achieve excellence in your industrial processes.


To ensure profitability in indoor cultivation facilities, efficiency at every stage is essential. This includes energy use for lighting and environmental control, nutrient and water distribution, as well as workforce utilization. Data serves as the backbone of all these operations. Whether it's real-time data from sensors and control systems or batch data recorded in work management tools or financial systems, the ability to collect, manage, visualize, analyze, and communicate your operational data is crucial.

We provide you with the tools to optimize your cultivation processes and maximize your profits by offering the following capabilities:

Data Collection: Gather data from your systems through various built-in data acquisition connectors, including Bacnet IP, Modbus TCP, Obix, Haystack, SNMP, Sedona, OPC UA, MQTT, SQL, CSV import (manual, batch, or automated), and a REST API.

Automatic Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Calculation: You need to track results against relevant KPIs for your business. We can help you implement virtually any KPI that is essential to your operations.

With our comprehensive data management and analysis solutions, you can make informed decisions, streamline operations, and achieve success in indoor cultivation.

Examples include:

  • Nutrients consumed per yield (lb. or kg)

  • Water consumed per yield (lb. or kg)

  • Revenue per yield (lb. or kg)

  • Yield (lb. or kg) per kWh of energy consumed

  • Man-hours per yield (lb. or kg)

  • Watts per sq. ft. or square meter

Energy Analysis and Reporting

SkySpark.Connect provides a comprehensive suite of tools for energy analysis and reporting applications, and it is often used as a standalone energy analysis application. It supports applications involving a wide range of energy resources, including electricity, alternative energy production such as solar energy and storage, natural gas, oil, and water - in fact, any resources that require metering.


Healthcare facilities have unique needs, including strict regulatory requirements and critical systems that literally hold lives in their hands. The performance of these systems is crucial not only for efficient energy resource utilization and cost control but also for ensuring occupant safety, comfort, and risk management. Once again, the common theme revolves around sensor and equipment data - in large quantities. Hospital staff must be able to swiftly and effectively work with data from various systems produced by different suppliers, quickly identifying issues, patterns, deviations,, and defects represented in this data.

SkySpark has been deployed in millions of square meters of healthcare facilities with outstanding results.

Multi-Site Retail and Quick Serve Restaurants

Multisite retail portfolios have unique needs. They need to manage a large number of sites and equipment systems, and they need to collect and analyze a massive amount of data. SkySpark is a cloud-based platform that can help multisite retail operators meet these challenges.

SkySpark's unique database, historian, and analysis technology can handle projects of any scale. It can collect data from thousands of sites, and it can analyze data from millions of data points. SkySpark also provides a variety of tools for organizing data and results, so that different stakeholders can access the information they need.

For example, operations teams can use SkySpark to track equipment performance and identify problems. Portfolio managers can use SkySpark to get a high-level overview of performance and identify trends. And executives can use SkySpark to make strategic decisions about their portfolios.

SkySpark is already being used by leading multisite retail companies. It has helped these companies to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and make better decisions. If you are a multisite retail operator, then SkySpark can help you to do the same.

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