This training divides the 5 Modules of courseware into 8 sections presented in ~120-minute sessions over the course of 2 weeks, 4 days per week. Because this is live interactive training, students registering for the class need to plan to attend all sessions in a single cycle. It will not be possible to mix students from different cycles together. Registration cost for web-based Essentials is £990. The training program consists of 5 Modules, each of which builds on the knowledge acquired in the previous Module:

  • M1: SkySpark Overview - Working with the SkySpark User-Oriented Apps.
  • M2: Building a Project with SkySpark Builder Tools. 
  • M3: Onboarding data – Setting up Connectors and Importing data files.
  • M4: Creating Custom Visualizations with ViewBuilder.
  • M5: Introduction to Axon Programming.
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Web-based Training Requirements and Instructions.

Here is a quick checklist/summary of what you need to do to be prepared to attend the training... please review all of the detailed information below.

  • Verify that you can attend all Web-based training for the cycle.
  • Ensure you have an account on
  • Complete Module 1: pre-session work (see full details below)

The following information provides a detailed review of the requirements to attend a web-based training
course. Please review to confirm that you can achieve the requirements in order to participate.
We want to make sure the training goes smoothly, and everyone gets maximum benefit from the
sessions. To do that we need to make sure everyone is prepared before the training sessions, so please
review and follow these instructions in advance.

Module 1 – SELF DIRECTED PREPARATION WORK - Review of SkySpark User Apps and use of SkySpark Software through Skyspark.Connect.

The goal of Module 1 is for the student to understand how is deployed and that they can successfully connect to SkySpark.Connect from their computer's internet browser.  and to have
familiarity with the use of all the user-oriented Apps (Spark, KPI, Energy, and Historian).
Follow the instructions below to accomplish that goal:

Requirement 1. Get Familiar with SkySpark. Attend a SkySpark Deep Dive Demonstration webcast to
get a detailed overview of the Apps and core concepts.

Requirement 2. All students need a user account on the nodematics secure site here: Please note that connection details will be provided once you have successfully signed up for the training.

Requirement 3. Each student must have their own computer and be able to connect to our Licebceed cloud-hosted  SkySpark. The training is conducted with the latest version of SkySpark. The computer should be relatively modern with a current browser (IE 11, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome). You will be given admin rights on your computer to do some of the exercises. We also recommend that students have two monitors connected during the training sessions.

Modules 2 through 5 – Live, Instructor Lead Sessions: Modules 2-5 are delivered as live webcast sessions.

On the Day of Training:

  • Ensure you have access and can successfully connect to our cloud-deployed SkySpark
  • Please connect 10 minutes before your scheduled session so we can start on time.

If you have any questions, please contact us at We look forward to presenting these new training sessions!

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The Advanced Axon course requires the student to have access to Skyspark.Connec on their laptop. It is expected that the student has completed SkySpark Essentials and has implemented SkySpark on one or more projects and has command of basic Axon programming and performs common data transformations such as map, filter, and fold.

Prerequisites: The Advanced Axon Techniques class is not designed for beginners. Axon is a programming language so previous experience with programming is essential. Attendees are expected to meet the following prerequisites:

1. Have completed the SkySpark Essentials Training Class.
2. Have implemented a real project including importing data with connectors and scripts
3. Have written successful rules using Axon.
4. Have programming experience with one of the following languages: Java, C#, VB, JavaScript, Python, etc

Registration Cost for Advanced Axon Techniques Training is £1100 per student.

For information on registration,  contact Nodematics at

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